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Strategic Learning

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Most have heard of strategic planning. This has traditionally been a 'once-a-year' meeting when leadership captures its plan for the coming year. This plan then sits in the cloud somewhere until the next year.

Strategic learning, on the other hand, is the process of assessing (learning) where your company or project is in relation to the market and competitors, and where it stands in the eyes of the customer. In other words, a continuous process that enables your business to constantly change and reimagine itself as the world and technology also change. Imagine how important this step is to accomplish while you plan your strategy!

Strategy should be looked upon in terms of learning, planning, implementation, and sustainability. You want a company that is agile and can move and pivot its strategy when it needs to (that's another topic), but it IS important to employ all of these steps if you want to have a shot at your strategy delivering positive and continuous results for your company.

Strategic Learning
LQMG Consulting - Strategic Learning


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