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Knowledge Management

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Have you thought about what makes your company valuable? Does it have anything to do with the knowledge your business contains via work products, manuals, contracts, your people? The answer is likely yes! If the intellectual capital your company possesses is of value, make sure you:

1) Know what knowledge you have and who will need access. Many companies and employees alike, believe hoarding information makes them more valuable. Imagine, however, if team members had access to information that made them better at their job, better at servicing clients, and/or better at designing products. Would your company be better off?

2) Have mechanisms to capture and share information. Information that is not captured in a consistent and easy-to-find format, can be rendered useless. Further, if you've captured information well, but don't have effective ways of sharing it, it can also be rendered useless.

3) Understand what technology can help your knowledge management (KM) needs, specifically. Technology is great, but ultimately it is people who make KM work. The right technology will help make KM effective. Make sure, however, that you understand the company and employee needs as they pertain to knowledge before implementing the latest technology. What is needed by the business and what is possible by technology, must come together as you form your KM and technology strategies.

4) Have a culture of sharing and collaboration. For KM to be effective, it has to be something that is valued by the company and its leadership. Leaders must walk the talk when it comes to sharing knowledge. Being open with expertise can inspire others to do the same. In addition, leadership can incentivize team members to share what they know, simply by recognition and praise, for example.

Knowledge Management
LQMG Consulting - Knowledge Management

Here's a nice article on Knowledge Management by Harold Hernandez, called "Knowledge Management Doesn't Come in a Box".


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