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Business Guidance

Ideal for: Growing or startup companies that are short on funds but need to review and optimize their growth strategy, business operations, and funding plans.

Typical Engagement: Up to 20 hours per quarter, billed hourly.

Business Guidance & Planning

Ideal for: Growing or startup companies that need more dedicated time to create or improve their growth strategy, business operations, and systems.

Typical Engagement: Up to 20 hours month, billed by project.

Business Planning & Execution

Ideal for: Transitional companies that need consistent outside 

executive involvement to rebuild or improve their strategy, business operations, systems, and workflows.

Typical Engagement: Up to 20 hours per week, billed monthly.

How LQMG Will Deliver Impact

Business Planning

An organization is only as effective as all of its moving parts. Your people, culture, business processes, information flow, and technology must all be working in sync and representing your overall strategy and vision. We will help you develop a clear picture of your business in order to better prepare you for successful outcomes. Think Roadmap.

Strategic Learning, Planning, & Implementation

Our approach takes in to account the need to learn your strategic position in the marketplace, now and in the future. We then build on that learning to develop a scalable and sustainable plan, which will be the basis for successful implementation and sustainable growth. 

Business Operations & Process Improvement

Streamlined business operations, including a continuous process improvement mindset, are critical to a successful business. Using a data-driven and technology-forward approach, we will work with your teams to optimize the way you do business and cut down on unnecessary work and costs.

Fundraising & Financing

Fundraising and/or financing are critical components of any company's growth plan. It's important to know which type of capital is right for your organization (including grants). We can help you navigate this area including: financial forecasting, milestones, and preparing pitch decks and business plans. 

Reorganization & Turnaround

No organization can (or should) stay the same forever, particularly in our rapidly changing world. Whether your company is looking to reorganize to become more efficient or pivot, needs a turnaround plan, or has accomplished a recent acquisition and is looking to streamline integration, we will help your business get to the next level of development.

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