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The Pitch

As an angel investor, I can tell you that investors are generally looking for the same handful of items in your pitch deck. Make sure and deliver on the basics!

  • The Problem

  • The Solution

  • The Team

  • Market Opportunity

  • Competitive Landscape

  • Go-to Market Strategy

  • Milestones

  • Financial Model

  • Exit Potential

  • The Deal

Anything beyond these key points, can be asked during the Q&A. You do NOT want to spend your valuable Q&A time answering the basics, this is a huge lost opportunity.

Your goal is to cover enough about your business that it gains initial interest and prompts good follow-on questions. This information helps investors connect-the-dots on why you are the RIGHT team to bring this NECESSARY solution to a LARGE market, potentially delivering their required RETURN on investment.

Make sure your deck is not too word-heavy (you are delivering a lot of information for investors to digest in a small amount of time), you are energetic and clear, and that you keep to your allotted time.


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